'The Newsroom' by WeAreActuallyCool

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The Newsroom
The Against the Odds Movie
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Morgan applies for job after job without success. Mum is not a great deal of help either. He finally gets a job as a Swedish Economic Advisor in a newsroom.

Some nice humour in this, I liked your police lights and there was a glimmer of a story there. However, shots were often blurry, you used a strange aspect ratio, there was a lot of camera/tripod noise and there seemed to be scenes missing. Also, reporters don't usually read their stories from pieces of paper. And finally, teens in adult roles. Ask yourself, how many films have I watched where teens are playing adult characters? If you don't have adult actors then either improvise by not showing them above the waist, blur them out or write a story that doesn't involve adults!

Looks like you had good fun though so come back next year bigger and better!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro. Looked real.
The mom/Morgan scene at the beginning was hilarious. Why wasn't Morgan wearing shoes??
I liked the "torrential downpour" with the news reporter.
The tire-rolling competition was awesome.
The police light effects were great.

Unfortunately, all the good bits didn't really ever coalesce into a good story.