'Cure' by Studio G2

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The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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I liked this film the most because it has mystery, action, and great sets, it must of cost a lot to make this.
Well done Studio G2, you made a film that has raised the standards of this competition and i can't wait to see what you make next year.
10 Stars because everything was great :)


A spaceship heads towards a diseased planet with the Cure. In space, nothing goes smoothly.

This was lots of fun. Filmed entirely green-screened, the team were able to drop in some awesome backgrounds for the interior of the spaceship and the alien landscape.It actually worked pretty well (apart from one scene where legs disappeared) and when some special effects were added we had what looked like a large scale production.

Nice to see something different. Well done!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Cool title design.
Great sci-fi effects.
Loved the gun battle. Loved the whole thing,
as there have been woefully few Sci-Fi films in this comp.

I liked it a lot. Very well done with the effects,
and a great effort all-around.