'Incision' by Motueka High School

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The Race against the Clock Movie
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A radio broadcast tells us that a virus has infected hundreds of people. Two surgeons work on a patient for some reason but one worries that he might be infected.

The trouble with this film is that nothing much happens. We watch a surgery for what seems like a long time and there's some banter between the actors but I got lost as to what the point was. The climax of the film is OK but it lacked any tension in the build up. All of this was played out in glorious 4:3 and accompanied by tripod noise.

See you next year!


Some of what I enjoyed:

The "Dr Morgan" print-out not quite covering the other sign was a funny way of opening it.
The "ba dum pish" with the "pandemic" joke was nice and groan-worthy.
I liked all the goofing around with the dead (?) body. The corpse did a good job.

I wasn't quite sure what happened at the end… the runner died? And the cannibal doctor??? What????