'Foster Family' by CRAB CRAB CRAB

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Foster Family
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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The Foster Family is a cult where followers long for the of the potential enlightenment of the Unification Room.

This looked amazing. Again the location was fully exploited with some clever camera work. There was some good use of lighting and the general mood of the film remained consistent throughout - very unsettling. While the sound quality was good, the audio sync was out in many places, which is always distracting. The film-within-a-film aspect was really a little bit of an add-on, so not sure if the genre was really met. The acting was good - everyone looked like they were already part of a cult!

A very dark film this and one I'll be watching again..


Yes visually this was spot on. Nice close ups that were crisp and commanding. I did at times get a bit lost in the way the story was going, I would have actually liked to have seen a more graphic ending, it sort of built up with the machine/grinders but it was more implied than seen. Not saying it was a bad ending just not what I would have liked. Saying that this was a good watch.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Nice color grade.
Nice writing with the speech that Morgan gave.
Looks of great-looking shots.
Great work by the lead actor.
Amazing advert at the end.
Outrageous extreme close-up. Holy smokes.

There were some audio artifacts that sounded like FCPX's "eliminate background noise"
which I've personally found to be practically useless due to that issue.


Hi Team

A great wee suspense film that uses the element of horrow without showing much of it.

And then the piece at the end just added a lovely cruel, sadistic, humerour dark ending, nice work.

Only thing that bugged me with the pacing, a tradition found in most short films, the pacing slowed a bit half way through, mabey some tighter editing and or dialogue could have helped.
Also glad that you found the USB disk from behind the dashboard too :0