'Mimicker' by Chromatic Aberration

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The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Totally awesome


After an altercation in a drive-way a mime is killed. The killer tries to bury the evidence but the mime comes back to haunt him.

This was very impressive looking, with the visuals fully exploiting the location. Colours were graded nicely, there was a good variety of shots and the edit was polished. It wasn't especially scary, but there were some well planned reveals of the mime character. The story itself dragged a bit through the middle but the end was suitably creepy.

Wouldn't be out of place in the CHCH final, so great job!


I really liked this and it was one of the standouts quality wise. It was shot very well and the location was epic, I loved that house. The story was solid if not a little bit predictable, but you did it very well. It would be my pick for a finalist.


Beautifuly shot, all your frames were well composed, good job on the lighting too. The acting was good - and I really enjoyed the mime in the second story.
One of my picks for city finals, I would be surprised if this didn't make it through!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Amazing opening sequence of shots of the make-up application.
Awesome color grade on the whole thing.
Everything looked so exquisite.
Super unsettling with the guy rubbing blood over himself.
The clown was ultra creepy too.
Very well-done film


Let's face it, most people think clowns are scary as f#ck. Mimes are like clowns but a zillion times more freaky, cause they don't talk. Must make international travel a lot easier though - imagine going to a mime conference, it wouldn't matter that nobody spoke the same languages!

Anyway, we digress. Excellent film, beautifully shot and amazing production values. Costuming was considered with care and consistent with the set. Beautiful location. Excellent use of the prop, using it as an additional character a la LOTR. That you told this story in just over 4 minutes was also brilliant.

A shame you missed the shot of Morgan seeing the mimebie in the mirror. What happened there - camera in shot or something? Not a biggie but it took the viewer out of their reverie for a split second, and reduced the horror value of the scene.

Good use of blood, great how it 'mimicked' the actions of the mime at the beginning of the movie. I think you're in for an award this year, if not for cinematography then definitely for costume.


Well where to begin. It was well done, used their genre nicely and it made sence BUT for me it was really anything great and was an ok movie


Well i think this film had some things to work on but this was well made and it all made sense so nice work