'Jordan Smolenski and the Case of the Knit Wit' by Calum Lyall Productions

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Jordan Smolenski and the Case of the Knit Wit
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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A body is found in a park. Never fear, Smolenski is on the case.

This short looked really good (nice new gear!), the sound was good (glad you got to use it this year!) and everything was nicely edited together. The acting was really strong (as it should be!) and your story was a quirky, humorous and well thought-out. However, why, with all your acting talent you use teenagers to play adult roles is beyond me! You could have easily told that story using teenage characters if you couldn't get any adults. It wasn't the worst example of this I've seen, as your story was short and snappy, but still, it doesn't help make it all believable.

I do think that you're a team for the future in this competition, so get your casting and story matching, listen to your teacher (and Dean, Year 10s among you!) and go for it! My expectations are high!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Bizarre intro. Interesting.
Great audio levels.
Great acting by the female lead.
The bumbling detective did a great job, too.
Loved the dramatic cuts after he admitted to being a knitter.
Nice credits. Enjoyable production.