'The Blind Date' by Puny Humans

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The Blind Date
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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[DQ'd - Late]

A woman goes to a restaurant for a blind date and ends up with the wrong man.

This silent film had a rather interesting mix of traditional title cards and modern speech bubbles containing symbols, telling as what was going on. It was also perhaps inspired by Nosferatu the Vampyre! Certainly the crazy eyes and creepy walk were nailed by certain cast members!

Weird, over the top and worth a rewatch.


I really enjoyed the silent performance of the villain. It had a real comic approach, using speech balloons to cover dialogue, which I thought was quite unique. I felt the filming/editing got a bit awkward after the cemetery scene and left me feeling slightly unsatisfied despite a terrific start.


The villain did an amazingly creepy performance
and I'm surprised that the woman didn't pick up on the fact that he was deranged.

Great work.