'Revelation No. 8' by On The Table

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Revelation No. 8
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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A man turns up at confession with a major problem - his Magic 8-ball has gone missing and he now has nothing to help him make life's important decisions.

This was a nice idea, with plenty of humorous moments. It was well-acted, looked good and contained some crazy special effects. The audio mix needed work - it was at times really loud and then at others, very quiet.

Overall, a nice little story that was well thought through.


Plot-wise I wasn't quite sure how it fitted the genre. There were some funny responses on the eight ball which was quite good. Nicely filmed, although it was obvious when dialogue was added- the speakers in the theater are quite uncompromising!


Great funny bits with perfect responses from the eight ball.
The practical effects of the car driving/on fire were hilarious and very well done.
Overall it felt a little bit flat as a complete work,
but there was a lot in it that I liked a lot.