'The Pear' by Olax

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The Pear
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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A man needs a replacement testicle but maybe having one is actually enough.

This had a great start, it looked and sounded good, and there were a couple of nice transitions between scenes used. The acting from the lead was really enjoyable and other characters played off him pretty well. I did find the story a bit confusing in places, and it seemed to run out of steam a bit at times.

An interesting idea for a mystery film that just didn't quite get there.


An interesting montage/dream sequence springs to mind when remembering this and some effective studio work.
Plot-wise: I didn't like this take on the genre as I felt it a bit lewd for my taste. I didn't fully understand the parallels with the lollypop, perhaps a second viewing may help.


A fantastically shot film that oozed wit and managed to somehow make having one testicle a classy story. Some awesome tracking shots and also great acting by the lead. Very clever dialogue which played on "one is enough" several times. I did however get a little bit lost so would have enjoyed a simplification of some of the story. All in all a great effort, and extra points for somehow managing to include a one eyed dog as talent!


Fun and silly.
I liked the "just one is enough" various bits you used.
Overall it seemed to be lacking as a complete work, though.