'There Is A House' by The Lost Cause

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There Is A House
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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Nice acting - I mean REALLY nice. And good cinematography. I was a little confuzzled about the plot, perhaps you took on a bit more than you could chew in the end and had to fit it into the seven minutes? We all do that I guess. Brilliant idea though, some powerful imagery and genuine drama. Did I spot NASDA talent therein? Perhaps some sort of caberet redux.


A man lies dead or dying in the sand. The cops connect the case to Madam Foster and her house of ill-repute.

When this started, I thought, "Here comes the City Winner!". It looked great, had awesome costuming, a very cool main location and had the feel of a dark, unsettling piece. As mentioned, the acting was pretty effective and many of the audience would have recognised the street folk duo of Jed & Hera getting stuck into their roles. Hera, of course, smashed it a few years ago in the Outwit's "Béchamel". I thought the audio was a bit loud at times and in general the film was a bit slow-paced. The ending by contrast felt rushed and I agree that perhaps they had a larger tale to tell, which there just wasn't time for. A shame really.

Great stuff!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro.
Super cool opening shot and title effect.
Amazing effort by the actor who let bugs and crabs crawl on him, wow.
Lots of good camera work and good acting. Nicely done.

I didn't care for some of the more "serious" elements, like the BDSM stuff or whatever.
Audio levels were really hot.