'Dead Dancing' by The Littlest Film Company

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Dead Dancing
The Musical or Dance Movie
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This one was a bit of a mix'n'match.

On the one hand, you guys had a pretty cool story, pretty sweet locations and a really funny and really strong opening number.

Sadly on the other hand, the editing let you down quite a bit, none of the following songs were as good and the entire thing went on probably a few minutes more than it needed to. It's a shame because all the right elements were there and I could see a lot of promise in the idea as a concept, but the execution was clearly met with a bit of trouble.

Well done, though. I would say something like "sorry you got musical", but that didn't actually seem to be the problem here as both the songs and dancing were pretty top notch, though I guess they could have wasted a lot of time.


Top location, we shot an awesome music video there last year. If you or part of your team are the peeps who help try to preserve and protect that place then big ups to you! I liked the songs and the singing, and you made a brave effort with choreographing the team. I think people really underestimate the difficulty in having to weave music and dance ON TOP OF a plot in 48 Hours. I think you would have benefited from using your camera more dynamically, getting some cut-aways and reaction shots, maybe some over-the-shoulder shots as well to give it a bit of sass. I loved the actor on the dolly, and the sign switch at the start was clever. Well done.


A group of friends out cycling end up at a spooky Bed 'n' Breakfast.

The strength of this film was the excellent butler/hotel manager character. His opening number "What do you have to fear?" was awesome and really well constructed, with clever lyrics. I loved how he kept "skating" in. I wished the remainder of the story had focussed on him as a character and his interactions with the guests. Instead, we lurched into a zombie film with the second musical piece, "Ahh, Zombies!". A lengthy tango sequence followed which slowed everything down and it all wrapped up with a Thriller-like finale, "Together Forever". There was a bit of sound missing at times and some of the shot choices lingered for a bit too long.

Musical is tough, but as mentioned by others it looks like you had plenty of resources on hand. Shorter and snappier with more butler may have been better.


This started promisingly, with a classic horror set up and a great lead performance. However, a couple of songs/scenes went on a bit too long and the lead actor went missing for a few minutes. Two or three minutes shorter and it may have delivered. But there were energetic performances and a great effort with the dreaded musical/dance.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved the rolling around on the skateboard stuff.
Great song and singing.
Loved the chanting of "brains" in the background.
Great effort on the zombie make-up and wrangling.
The Doctor Who line was great.
Charming all-around. Great music.
Very nice effort with a tough genre.