'T.T.A. (Time Travelers Anonymous)' by The Kids Next Door

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T.T.A. (Time Travelers Anonymous)
The Time Travel Movie
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This was a lovely movie with real pathos at the end. I did question though whether it was genre-relevant... but I'm probably being an old fogey. Certainly a great work-around of the genre in any case. Some wonderful, fresh acting, and aching sentimentality that basically slaps you in the face in the last few frames. Worthy.


At Time Travellers Anonymous - a self-help group discuss the times they keep travelling back to.

This looked and sounded good, had nice transitions between times and was a humourous, sweet and ultimately poignant story. However, it did get a little tedious a one point and a lot of park scenes had focussing issues. I also think you took a creative approach to the genre.

TTA was well received by the audience and tore at the heart-strings of many.


Awesome take on the time travel genre. The acting was great guys, really could see the bromance between the actors. Super strong ending too, totally bittersweet. My eyes were a little misty.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Excellent intro. Very cool.
Great concept.
I loved the "outside waterrrrr!" bit.
I laughed at the "yes" on the girlfriend letter thing.
I wasn't really sure what happened in the ending, whether or not they were dead,
but it was oddly touching regardless.