'Mistaken Identitty' by The Guild of Thieves

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Mistaken Identitty
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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Bewbs. Bewbs and prostates. So much potential! When a woman is mistaken for a proctologist the bawdy jokes are released, like the hounds of the baskervilles on a foggy background of underpants and rubber gloves. Not technically brilliant, but some truly classic moments (including the split-second scrotum shot - was that necessary, or even intentional?) and there was certainly the body of a story there. A cool movie to open the heat, I certainly lol'd.


A woman arriving at a conference is mistaken for an expert proctologist - Dr Ramsbottom.

I thought the fake airport scene was nicely done, the line was used well and we've also got an original song playing through the credits. Technically, there were a number of random cuts, shaky camerawork, and audio that was at times really loud and also out of sync. I found that the dick jokes, although well-delivered, got pretty old, rather quickly. With this genre, the mistake identity actually needs to be plausible and I found myself wondering whether she would really go through with this situation - she really didn't protest too much. And I know, yes, she's a liar.

A good start to the heat and the audience appreciated it! Well done!


This was a classic 48 Hours start to the heat with plenty of jokes, cleavage and pants around ankles. The mistaken identity was established well at the start, but it became more and more implausible as it went on that the fake Ramsbottom wouldn’t speak up. Still, very entertaining.


Some of what I enjoyed:

The table of fruit was pretty funny as a refreshment table.
Looks like you had fun making this.

Didn't care for all the innuendo, though. Sorry.