'Disturbed' by Stuffed Ram Studios

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The Horror or Splatter Movie
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I was a little discombobulated about the whole movie, but I get where you were going. Unfortunately this didn't seem to have a beginning/middle/end kind of plot: it was more like a snapshot than a story. However, creepy lead actress with some good makeup and also good use of the prop. The music kept the tension going too. Nice effort.


After a spell in psychiatric care, a young girl returns home. She's still a little bit disturbed, however.

Nice opening, nice jump-cuts, some spooky music. The lead actress is also suitably dark and disturbing. On the downside, there were a few audio gaps and unnecessary wind noise during a non-dialogue scene. The "Next Day" title cards hinted of time-management issues - way better to show it's the next day, rather than tell us it is.

Some potential here though and I liked the overall mood of the film. Good stuff!


When it was on point,
you did a great job with the sound effects and sound design.

I hope you guys stick with it and come out swinging even harder next year.