'The Placebo Effect' by Justice Films

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The Placebo Effect
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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You dudes are hilarious.

As a film, the jarring editing, the bad sound and poor camera work unfortunately knocked this down quite substantially from what it could have been, and the story wasn't much either, though it could have been strong enough. Essentially this film was an exercise in after-effects for beginners.

However, I spent the whole movie laughing, and I totally respect you guys for making a film while still in High School (how old are you guys actually?). Sure it was made poorly but you still made it and you guys are so so funny. So many of the one-liners and jokes in this movie made me think that you guys totally have potential. I hope this reaches you, because I want you guys to really consider investing in some better gear as well as learning how to use it, because you guys have the comedic chops to take home the competition in future years, if only your film work improved.

Criticisms aside, it warmed my heart to watch because I could completely see and relate to the fun you guys had during the competition, which is what it's all about.

Hope to see you guys again in the coming years.


For first-timers (you can always tell by the amount of screen time the cans of V get), this was a laudable effort. Okay so the acting was... not really apparent, and the dialogue was... a bit repetitive, however this was made up for by the passion and all-out determination of the cast and crew. Very good visual gags, utilising some age-old camera tricks and also some wee surprises (the sister getting zapped was classic). Totally nailed the genre! Really great that you guys finished your movie and handed it in on time, when some old hands (including us) didn't.


A group of young friends gather at a house and it is revealed that one of them has powers! He vows to teach the others his secret.

This is a pretty good effort from a young team with limited resources and skills that are "still developing". There were nice touches of humour through-out and you had great fun with your effects. I loved how you handled the earthquake bit - funny! Yes, it was often hard to hear what was going on, there were some crazy pans, focussing, tripod noise and really loud music. Your actors broke the 4th wall regularly but who cares - you had plenty of energy and as others have said - you got your film in, within the 48 hours. Awesome.

See you in 2015.


This was great fun. Someone had some fun in the editing suite, but it was planned well, and looked like a good weekend. There were some really funny moments, like blowing up the sister, and some nice set-ups, like the face-off in the back yard. There were issues technically, but that didn't override the overall enjoyment for most of the audience.


Looks like you guys had a lot of fun making and doing all the effects.
Keep at it and you're going to turn those effects into something awesome with some more practice.

Nice ending.