'Ball Date' by The Funky Filmers

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Ball Date
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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A young man is reluctantly staying with his overly religious aunt. He gets invited to The Ball, by a local girl and his aunt is excited about the preparations.

Nice touches of humour in this and the awkward mood is well portrayed. The acting is good and the casting is appropriate. It does get a bit tedious and the over-the-top laughing did my head in. While most shot selections were good, a couple of the POV shots were oddly composed to the side, where a more central position is the norm. I liked the creepy ending.

Nice work, Funky Filmers!


This was a great short with some really funny moments and a good storyline. The acting from the lead guy was pretty solid and the older lady was a gem! The audience really enjoyed your film.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Your intro looked like it would have taken ages to make. Good effort.
The dinner scene ended up feeling really creepy. Nice work if intentional.
The extended family laughing scene was super awkward and weird and awesome.
The editing after they got to the ball, with "ball of a time" over and over was hilarious to me.
Well done.

Only critique is that audio levels were really low.