'An Author’s Tale' by Rangiora High School

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An Author’s Tale
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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[DQ - late]

Morgan is obsessed with his book and continues reading it after his mum has told him to go asleep. The book sparks his imagination.

This was actually quite a good attempt at bringing a book to life - it's certainly not a new idea but Rangiora HS should be congratulated for their seemless integration of real and imagined in this film. The acting is pretty good and I enjoyed how when his reading changed pace, the action also changed pace. Good idea! The mum (even though you tried to hide her) was a bit young and make sure your music doesn't go on for too long after your credits finish!

Nice work, but be on time next year!


The costume scenes were really interesting and shot nicely and the actors did a good job. If you had played more on this aspect of your film it would have added a lot of flavour to your film. Overall a tidy film.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great opening guitar music.
Great costumes on the "human toys"
Great effect, going between the book and what the boy was imagining.
I liked the book title/cover.
Very poignant final point about authors being liars. Nice.

Great stuff, but you guys should definitely test your workflow for next year.