'Relapse' by Proximity

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The Time Travel Movie
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It's a little known fact, but when you die, you actually travel through time to important moments from your past. An elderly Morgan, is passing away and he is returned to a pivotal moment from his youth.

Another clever ploy to manipulate the time-travel genre, so well done! Your young actor was extremely committed, I loved the look of the footsteps on the beach and in general, the audio was controlled. I thought some of your attempts to play around with focus, either went completely wrong or the effect was overdone.

A nice little story though, with some obvious thought put into it. Well done!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Awesome zoom in on the old man in bed.
I laughed at your reflections in the screen for the title card. Bummer that you had to film the screen.
Great music at the scene where the kids are walking towards the beach.
The autofocus changing the focus actually gave it all a real dream-like quality
which fit with the death dream time-travel bit.
Great costumes: convincingly retro.
Good effort on the guy who had to lay on the beach and get pounded by the waves.
Touching ending.
I absolutely LOVED That you could be seen in the reflection. It added to my experience soooo much. Thank you.