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The Shock Ending Movie
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At Southside High School we're given a tour of the school and its students by our male lead. A little later we also share in the thoughts of the other characters. Channelling, Ferris Bueller and House of Cards, they address the audience directly, while the other characters in scene remain oblivious.

I really enjoyed the majority of this. It was a clever idea, executed really well by the young cast. There was good humour, it was well written and it was perfectly cast. The ending, although slightly predictable, was nicely set-up. At times the audio seemed a bit cut-off, the music was too loud and there were some harsh cuts. For once I didn't mind the lack of students in the school environment as I was distracted by the performances. A couple of scenes could have been edited tighter or even dropped altogether but I was seldom bored during this.

Probably my favourite of the heat. Great job!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Good acting by the lead Morgan.
Great writing and I liked the "breaking the fourth wall" technique
Fantastic dramatic ending.

Only critique is that the levels on the music and dialogue made some of the dialogue difficult to understand.