'The Caretaker' by JMC Productions

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The Caretaker
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Five teens trespass on school grounds - beware the caretaker!

Some nice humour here (chocolate eating scene) and awesomely mutilated bodies! The location was good for the story - well done. I liked your chase scenes and was pleased that, even in your darker shots we could see what was going on. Sound was a bit of an issue, especially during the opening scene when your camera and/or microphone was too far away from the actors. With your story, learn not to do too much telling (eg "Let's go have a look" and then everyone goes to have a look. Just show it - the audience will get it.

Well done! It looked like you had great fun and you completed a 48HOUR film! Success!


Some classic comedy moments here, especially the chocolate eating scene it gave the audience a big giggle. It did tend to drag in parts, but you looked like you had fun making it and this is what 48Hours is all about. Nice tension at the end.


Some of what I enjoyed:

I loved the use of the "shatter"-style transition after the guy gets stabbed.
I loved all the close up zooms of the grass around the dead dude.
Loved when the dude grabbed the chocolate bar. The look on his face was amazing as he tore it apart and started chowing down.
The ending was amazing. The close-up of the lips cracked me up big time. Awesome.
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun making this.