'Behind the Seen' by Hey Samla!

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Behind the Seen
The Film within a Film
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A young woman's personal issues/memories are portrayed through a series of video flashbacks.

Some nice shots were achieved in this and the execution of the video recordings was well managed, even if the graphic overlay was largely static throughout (Eg the battery level never changed). I really liked the transitions from the photos to the video - nice! Some of the darker scenes were a bit grainy and watch out for up-the-nose shots! The piano got a bit repetitive too.

This was a deep, darkish story that looked like you'd put some thought into. Well done!


There was some nice camera work here and the storyline tackled some good issues. Personally I got a bit lost in what was happening at times, but you did tie it in nicely at the end. Not one of my favourites of the heat, but the lady I was with loved it. It got her vote, so well done.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Lots of good close-up shots, like the ball bouncing, the eyes, the lips, etc.
I liked the device of going down the stairs and zooming into the pictures leading into vignettes.
The music did a great job of setting the mood.
Nice work getting Nick Frost to make an appearance.
I wasn't quite sure what happened at the end, especially when we see the film being played back on the computer.
Nice work all-around!