'Four Corners, Two Sides' by EpicPorridge

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Four Corners, Two Sides
The Against the Odds Movie
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A young woman wakes up disoriented and alone in a room. Her captor has left her three choices as a means of escape - they're not good choices in case you're wondering.

Some nice shots in this (especially some of the close-ups) and the fake CTV footage was authentic looking. The acting was effective and the dark tone, generally consistent throughout the film. Obviously inspired by Saw or the like, the team did a good job here, even if I felt the ending was slightly anti-climatic.

Your intro blew my ears out. Good job!


Yeah this was "nice" little short. It had great atmosphere and some great eerie shots. The concept was pretty good, but yes it did fall a bit flat at the end. The close up scenes of the mouth from the side were a good choice.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Super cool shot of the guy speaking, harshly illuminated.
Nice use of the time code to show great passage of time.
The female lead did a great job of showing desperation and discomfort.
Not sure what happened with the ending, though. Good bit after the credits. You had me.