'A Diary of Morgan Foster' by Chookie

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A Diary of Morgan Foster
The Revenge Movie
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Morgan is found face down in the playground - murder! Revenge must be served.

There's some effective camerawork in this with a good variety of shots. In particular I liked some of the angles you used. Sound is OK, in parts, and the music is good. I felt that perhaps the film was too long and needed a tighter edit. At times it was all a bit jumpy too and the fight scene was a little grainy. I'm sure some direction was heard at one point which is always amusing! I really liked the non-linear structure that was used and the death scene was cool!

Nice work, Chookie!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro… looked like lots of fun.
Nice use of the prop with the pingpong balls.
I liked that the killer was wearing a BNZ shirt haha.
The fight scene was awesome, and the music fit it well.
The scene where morgan ran and tripped was great, with convincing reactions.
Nice ending credits.