'Hidden Hacker' by Carmen Road Academy Films

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Hidden Hacker
The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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A girl runs from her attacker. Pretty soon she's dead and it's all over the news. Two cops investigate.

There was some good humour in this, a location I liked and in general, it was nicely shot (although I wished you hadn't got the "No students past this point" signs so obviously in shot.) The acting was good and I always appreciate some effective"Crazy Eyes"! Casting is an issue here though. Teens playing adult roles - it always bugs me! Watch "Brick" to see how it can be done. There was a bit of tripod/camera noise in parts and the overall sound needs working on for future projects. Little things will help too, like making sure the phone is connected to something and TV reporters don't usually take notes during a live interview.

Overall, a good effort, so well done!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Loved the black and white theme.
The opening chase and shoot scene was awesome. It did great without showing everything.
Great acting by the two agents.
lol @ "Dang that was some good pizza"

Great ending. Seriously loved every second of this.
I hope you guys stick with it, as it was a lot of fun and you can only improve with time.