'Le Restaurant D’erreurs' by The Eh Team

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Le Restaurant D’erreurs
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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A man waiting at a restaurant for his date to arrive is mistaken for the guest chef cooking that night, and is dragged off to give a cooking demonstration.

Last year's CHCH winner's The Eh Team short film has been hotly anticipated, as evidenced by the packed cinema last night (I counted 4 spare seats!). As you would expect, Le Restaurant D'erreurs is beautifully shot, with a cinematic quality that was head and shoulders above all else in the heat. Acting was really great across the board, with all actors really going to town with the subtle ticks and quirks of their characters (was great to see a bit of Zebra Crossing in there too). The premise reminded me of older comedies like Some Like It Hot.

In saying all of that though, I really felt like the plot wasn't nearly as strong as it needed to be. The initial concept, a man mistaken for being a famous chef plays along, was too far-fetched for me, and I didn't find the idea believable that someone would just go along with it. I also felt the ending was very weak and unsatisfying. The film excitingly escalated towards a big climax, but just when I was expecting things to explode/resolve, the main character literally just ran away from the problem.

Overall, it's another very polished, well-acted, short from The Eh Team, but one that ended in a bit of a fizzle.


Morgan arrives at a fancy restaurant and while waiting for his blind date, he is mistaken for the chef. Of course, he naturally proceeds to mischievously take up the opportunity. Prepare for chaos.

The Eh Team is back with an interesting short that has many of the features of their previous entries. There's clever dialogue, great cinematography, sharp editing, humour and strong acting performances from all the cast. Their use of the required line was the best of any heat. Hamish Parkinson was as expected, perfect in the lead role, even if I was at first rather shocked when he opened his mouth and spoke. Such a contrast to 2013!

Although certain set pieces make the story entertaining, the reality is that it's pretty weak and underwhelming. I think the mistaken identity aspect was a bit of misfire and it didn't make sense given the real chef seemed to be already at the restaurant. The explanation for his sudden lack of moustache was also a bit convenient for my liking. Perhaps more could have made of the potential contact between the real chef vs the imposter which may have given the characters more to actually do, and created a better opportunity for a more satisfying ending.

Despite my misgivings I'm sure this will be seen again in the CHCH finals. It's just not the home run we saw last year.


I absolutely loved The Eh Teams film last year. It was one of the best short films I have seen in years and was as close to a 48 hours masterpiece as you can get. Unfortunately I can't help but compare with this new offering from the team. The cinematography, editing, lighting, acting and all of the technical stuff was super on point as always. Like the other reviews here, the story fell flat for me... It was a little far fetched and the ending was too convenient. I have no doubts they will be in the finals in some capacity though!


I feel a bit bad for the Eh Team here. People are comparing their film to last years, which I suppose is understandable. Here's the thing if I look at the film in isolation it was very good and for me one of the strongest films of the festival. It was funny, shot well and the acting was great all round with the lead as a standout. Yes the story wasn't as strong as last year but compared to other films this year its right up there and should probably be in the final. Well done on what I thought was a very entertaining film that had quality written all over it.


I dont have much to say about this one. Was definatly in my top 5 of the night.
Had some nice arkward moments and some obvious moments. But a nice film. Well done team


It's hard when you're a team as prestigeous as "The Eh Team". Had this been another team, I'm not sure people would have been as critical of the film, but considering their track record this one lacks that wow factor we're all use to. I still think that the film is worthy of City Finals as it is a well constructed film with no obvious techincal errors.

Good luck "The Eh Team", hopefully next year you strike gold again.


The only note I wrote for this is "Pure joy."

I was laughing like an idiot
by myself
in the projection booth.

Thanks for creating this.

Best shot at taking out the finals, I think.