'Once A Babysitter' by D.T.F. (Down to Film)

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Once A Babysitter
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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In Once A Babysitter, a baby sitter tells two young boys a tale about a house down the street, and sends them on a quest to explore the property, completing challenges along the way. Years later, the two now grown boys reattempt the adventure they chickened out of as kids.

This was an original and unique take on the adventure genre, and I really liked the idea of the adults returning to their childhood adventures. The acting was impressive, especially by the two young boys at the start. The cinematography (especially at the beginning with the tale) was particularly nice.

I did feel that the story required an element of suspense or danger though, as it didn't feel like there were any hurdles or challenges for them to overcome to accomplish their goals, and the edit could've been tightened a little too. In saying that though, the twist was well delivered and added some extra charm to this enjoyable short.


Once a Babysitter was shot beautifully and I think having the children in it really increased the novelty value. The edit could have been slightly better due to a couple of sound problems. The adventure part was nailed down very well, but I think there should have been a couple more conflicts to really ramp up towards the ending. My favorite film of the night, too bad it was disqualified.


We loved this short, especially the ending - priceless. The children were convincing actors and looked just like their older selves! A sweet well executed story about friendship and adventure. We did notice a few issues with the soundtrack but they didnt detract from the story.


Really liked the story line esp the quirky end. Use of children worked well and the well matched grown up versions - great likeness there. A few small things to improve for next year guys Well worth a watch. Well done


[DQ'd - Audio issues]

A bored male baby sitter tells two young boys the story of "The Abandoned House at the Bottom of the Hill", eventually send them out to find and explore the mysterious property. Years later the grown boys attempt to do it all over again.

I liked how this take on the genre moved away from the normal medieval costumes and accents, into a realistic modern story. The filmed looked good and there was obviously some thought put into shot composition. The acting was consistently solid through-out. I did feel that the story meandered along somewhat during the grown-up journey and at one point I got a little lost. Perhaps the story wrapping up a bit sooner could have helped this.

Bad luck on the DQ!


I think this film had a clever idea using the genre well but i thought it was roughly put together.
The cuts were not very clean and the sound was not very clear either. I think with more time and precision, this could be a brilliant film. The two young boys did a every good job but i have to say i was confused by the story line until the very end.
Well done!


Definitely surprised by the quality of this film. It had great production quality aside from some dodgy audio and the story was definitely strong. Real shame about its disqualification because it was definitely a crowd pleaser on the night. Great job!


ok i think this film was ok but i think the team could have done more with there time. i still think its a good film


Not a bad effort by this team.
Lacked in areas. I thought it needed to portray the genre a little more.
Acting was a little weak in places.
Looked like you guys had a lot of fun with the milk


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great lighting on the babysitter.
Nice work with the flat picture to simulate night (I presume).
It worked as a creepy effect, regardless.
Nice edit sequence of getting into the car. I love that sort of stuff.
Good pacing, good editing, and a fun story.

I liked it a lot.