'One In A Million' by CTV Canterbury Television

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One In A Million
The Against the Odds Movie
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A man faces some reproductive challenges after an unfortunate accident during a Bachelor's party.

This short by CTV Canterbury Television was a good start to the night. One In A Million was competently shot, with decent audio and really good acting overall. Also enjoyed the musical training montage with the man and his friend. Plot-wise, there were good jokes throughout, but the ending was quite weak and felt like they copped out of the situation they had lead up to.

Overall a solid, funny start to heat 3.


Great acting, very funny film with a good story. Well made.


A solid film, a pity there were children there who had to see the whole process of how babies are made.


Our lead faces an intense training regime and some testicular obstacles, in order to get his partner pregnant.

This film was well paced, acted and in general, it looked and sounded good. I liked the POV shots, the training montage was entertaining and I thought the line was used well. This film was also funny throughout, the audience seemed to enjoy the bedroom action and they even threw in a surprise ending. CTV did a good job at being creative with the genre here, and have produced a quality short!


CTV's film was definitely a crowd pleaser and I definitely thought parts of the film were funny, but overall it seemed a little cheap in its humour with not much sophistication going for it. In saying that, I was surprised they didn't make the top 3 in the heat since it seemed like such a crowd pleaser.


I think this was a well rounded and mostly funny in parts.
I felt like it needed a little bit more. In some areas.
Training montage was funny as.
One of my favs of the night. Great way to start the night.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great play on the "professional dancer" bit.
Great reaction when the dude gets his ball done in.
Nice effects on the title/sperm.
Nice workout montage.
The sex scenes were a bit much.
Hilarious ending. Best I've seen yet, for an ending.