'Outgrowing Me' by Drakonian

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Outgrowing Me
The Shock Ending Movie
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Quality acting in this film - the main actress deserves much praise for being able to understand the character she was playing which might have been a little close to home. I think this film had the best joke of the whole night, the girl attempting to bury her sister. I was surprised not to see this film make the top 3 audience favourites, but I still think this team should be proud of themselves, and I look forward to see what they'll create in the years to come.


A tween, Morgan, explains how she's not a child anymore and needs to grow up. She decides to bury all of those things that are stopping her becoming a woman; and that means everything.

This short started really well, had some solid acting from the lead and technically, was pretty sound. The humour worked well and the audience seemed to enjoy it. I felt that it was channelling "The Sleeping Plot" for a while with its filming of adults, and general storyline, but it eventually went in it's own direction.

Enjoyable and appreciated! Well done!


ok film but i think it could hav been better


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great intro. Well executed and entertaining.
Amazing close-up of the eye. So sharp and perfectly composed. Very impressive!
Great work by the young leading lady.
Very nice production all-around. Should have had a good shot at the finals.

I guess I'm not that in-tune with the judges. Great film regardless.


Hi Team

I like the fact that as a family team, you deliver and produce a film that made me have a wee laugh.

You showed charatcer development, which was great. However was a little difficult to tell why your main character changed her style/behaviour/makeup etc. We like to know why a character would change.
Otherwise camera/sound/look came out well. Editing was fine. A small production issue of your main character having similar clothing for the first half, could have been alternated between the past when she had the things she liked to the shots of when she was 'getting rid of her past' could have had a costume change to show some time. Nothing big.

Otherwise cool job.