'Life of Moth' by Couchbound

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Life of Moth
The Musical or Dance Movie
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Cool idea, you could see the entire team really enjoyed themselves making the film. The acting was very funny and the audience laughed a lot.


Two guys walk along the street talk/singing. They go to the park and dance. Then they have a rap battle with a girl at the park and then go home again.

Really, while fun, this is not much of a musical. There's some breaking of the 4th wall and a lot of seemingly random unscripted dialogue. There's some good natural acting and the dancing was fun - even if we'd already seen it in the opening intro.

Great that you gave a challenging genre a real good go!


Some of what I enjoyed:

lol @ the dancing after "Can you hear that"?
Looks like you guys had a ton of fun with this tough genre.

Silly and fun.