'Marathon' by Con Cor Pro

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The Race against the Clock Movie
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Couples go through an interview process with the hope of being sent to Mars. This involves isolation testing where the couples have to learn to live with each other.

An interesting short, with touches of the deep and meaningful at times, and then at other stages touches of humour. Nice use of split-screening, good sound, effects and filming. While this was quite an original approach for this genre the film itself was a little slow paced. Despite this, the ending was nicely set-up and executed.

Defiantly worth a rewatch. Good stuff!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Nice set-up. Nice title/effects.
The flight sim set-up was awesome.
If you made all the graphics for it over the weekend, extra impressive.
Great editing/build-up of the annoying things getting worse and worse.
Nice sound effects, sound design.
Leoni Link, you are good at effects on demand.