'The Real Me' by Cat House Films

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The Real Me
The Rom Com
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Two woman discuss their relationship together and other things in a café and ultimately other places. One of them has a multiple-personality disorder which is putting serious strain on the relationship.

In 2013, Cat House Films made the CHCH final with their dialogue rich film and also entertained with their stunning team intro! "The Real Me", shares some similar traits with last year's film - it's dialogue heavy and has two strong female leads. It's nicely shot, has good audio and utilises available light well during some of the night scenes. The montage sequence is one of the strengths of the film and they nail the feel good factor of Rom-Coms by the film's end.

Another strong effort from Cat House Films.


Great writing and great performances from the leads..
Great original song.

It was entertaining and intriguing
and the ending was fantastic.