'King of the Castle' by Bad Video

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King of the Castle
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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The most memorable film of the screenings I have seen and I'm not just saying this because of the opening scenes which contain male nudity. The cinematography is beautifully crafted and the story captivated me for the film's entirety. I wanted to see more. The fantasy mood was set by the clever use of music and scene changes. This must surely be the most visceral use of this year's "ball'' prop. I am sure I wasn't the only woman who winced and crossed my legs at the scene involving pliers and the dirty rascal golfball hoarding King of the Castle. Hole in one! Royally memorable.


The film opens with a naked man being chased through his property by a young woman wielding an axe. We flashback to the origins of this event as the young woman is convinced by another woman to actually murder the "Creepy old man next door", instead of just fantasying about it.

Now Andrew Todd warned the audience that this film had "dong hanging" in it, but it "wasn't too bad." Conveniently he neglected to mention a far more graphic scene within the film that I won't spoil here - and yes, "wince" is the word. This film had a great location - a very cool old house that was well used to show the tone of the film. Some of the visuals were quite striking on the big screen - the use of slow motion was particularly effective. That said, there was also some average stuff - the blurry close-ups of the sketches and the other quite weird/random shots/scenes that were sliced in. Performances from the three leads were convincing.

Weird, different and at times unexpected! Nice work!


The team name really sums this one up. Not certain if it was intended to be a 'bad' film or if that's just how it happened.

Two girls team up to destroy a man who hoards golf balls. The film kicked off with a painfully long slow motion shot of the supposed antagonist running naked and battered across a lawn. The film left many questions for the audience, what real reason did the girls have to break the guy's penis and smash his head in? Further consideration of the genre might have been useful. As a fantasy/adventure, this seemed more like a portrayal of a twisted bdsm sexual fantasy than the more typical interpretation of the genre.

I must say though, sound effects for the crunching dong and smashing skull was pretty mean. Was so bad it was kind of good.


I really liked this and it was one of my favourites of the festival. Yes it was weird, yes it did have some really bad bits, yes it wasn't perfect but some of it was very cool and over the top. There were bits of awesomeness and bits of blah! a real mixed bag. The film had great atmosphere. I wouldn't be surprised to see it as a bolter for the finals.


This was one of the only films of the competition that disappointed me.

You had a number of incredible, super-cool shots,
like with the man standing and laughing with steam around him
and the girl lit up with fire behind her.

But then you went and made it like the awful torture-porn films that have gained notoriety in the last decade.
Subjecting your audience to a ballbag getting crushed with pliers was not cool at all,
particularly as there were kids in the audience.

You guys have a lot of potential for cool stuff
I just hope you use it for a better product in the future.