'Mors' by 3 Flying Amigos Productions

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The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Morgan and her boyfriend play a Q & A honesty game which turns rather dark when Morgan reveals that she has an imaginary friend who helps her with her "decision-making".

This short was well acted and a great example of how to use a small team effectively. There were some nice tracking shots and the eerie music built the tension well. Some of the darker scenes needed to make better use of available light, as things got rather grainy.

Clever, creepy, rewatchable! Good job!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Nice opening dolly around the table and the two sitting.
Nice flicker effect with the man popping into and out of the shot.
Really creepy bit after that with the music.
Pretty unsettling from that part onward.

Tough to hear what was said at the end, though.