'Incubus' by Sets on the Beach

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The Mystery or Puzzle Movie
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I understood that Morgan Foster was in fact the girlfriend or what ever she was so this was clever as I thought we were being lead to believe it was "Mr Foster". The scenes of the dreams were well done and I think these were the best parts of the film. I enjoyed the film over all, the theme of mystery was not to obvious to anyone watching who didn't know this is what they were given, however it was scary in some parts.



Mr Foster starts receiving boxes delivered to his door that contain sinister single word notes. The plot thickens and gets a bit disturbing.

Ok, so this looked (apart from some grainy night shots) and sounded pretty good. It also most certainly kept the audience intrigued. There were some nice POV shots and plenty of stop motion/timelapse/jump cutting to create a lot of spooky visuals. American Horror Story anyone? What the actual mystery was is certainly a discussion point and this is one film I want to watch again to see what I missed.

Effective, engaging and well liked by the Heat 1 audience who voted it No.1.


This was a really strong film in parts and had a good storyline. If only Mr Foster had been an adult actor you could have really nailed it. I love the fast cut edits and the creepy scenes. Great job one of the best in the heat.


great film!! very good film from a school team!


Probably the best film in heat. Everything was great.


Great film guys although I think you would have loved horror. Great editing and camera work.


This editing was fantastic. Loved the GoPro scene when Mr. Foster was being buried. The storyline kept the audience enthralled and the puzzle was certainly there. Wondering whether it would've been better in shock ending or horror.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great team intro with the stop motion. Weird, fun and awesome.
I wanted him to open the box straight away, so prolonging it made me crazy.
Cool weird little "episode" of the people shaking their heads at night.
PERFECT shot of the apple flopping out onto the floor. I wonder how many takes you did.
I liked all the little schizo "episodes" you put in.
Great suspense building after he gets the third message.
Great editing.