'Parkstone Ave' by Sean and the Babes

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Parkstone Ave
The Mistaken Identity Movie
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My favourite part of this film was the intro("I'm shaun and these are my babes"(simple but hilarious) but that may be because I like humor. Great use of mistaken identity,the ending hits right in the feels. Which makes this film great overall. Good job, nice narrative.



In Parkstone Ave, a young couple driving home from a dinner party hit something on the road. Morgan lies to the driver about what they've hit, which will have consequences down the line!

One of the good things about this film is that it didn't outstay its welcome by going on for too long. It was short and snappy and told a clever little story, which was executed well. The acting was good, the line delivered well and flashbacks scenes nicely thought through. Whether the genre has been adequately nailed will be up to the viewer. It's more of a plot-device here rather than actually driving the story.

Was enjoyed by the audience so well done!


This was one of my favourite of the first heat. Some great narrative sequences and well thought out script. Although the ending was a little predictable you handled it nicely. Good job.


Good visuals, fairly convincing acting, but just a bit *short*. Needed more story. Felt like a prologue.


This film was one of the most memorable to me. I liked the simplicity and realistic storyline you had going, nothing to epic. The way your portrayed the two Morgan's made me sympathise with the second Morgan, so great job!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Cool shot outside the car and then panning back over into it.
Pretty gruesome wrecked body.
Cool close-up of the newton's cradle.
Very cool use of flashbacks to remind Morgan about what happened.