'Real People' by Quantum Penguin

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Real People
The Shock Ending Movie
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A young man awakes from a dream in which an event had occurred that had left no survivors. He goes to a party.

Yeah, I didn't take great notes on this one - perhaps because I got lost in what was going on. I did note that there were cool effects, some of the audio was lost, there was tripod noise on occasions, some quick day/night scene changes and a 4:3 aspect ratio was used - this may have been intentional?

I thought your intro was cute! Well done! (I promise to revisit this review once you upload to the Screening Room)


The opening shots of the film were well edited, and repeated throughout the entire short. I was a bit unsure about what was happening, and am still a tad confused about what the shock ending of the film was. Despite the clicking noises that could be heard in the background, the main actor did a great job of portraying his role.


Some of what I enjoyed:

I enjoyed the "literal rabbit warren of film teams" with your intro.
Really liked the voice effect on the opening "There were no survivors".
Loved the modified newspaper.
Nice ending music track.

I was confused about what was happening, though, other than a general feeling of malaise and end-of-the-world.