'Delusional' by @Parkstone

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A young man and woman have relationship issues. The young man goes to a doctor for help.

Ah, first film and first review for CHCH 2014 - and what's more, a musical to kick things off! This was rather odd and disjointed piece that left me confused as to what was actually happening. It also didn't help that the film finished really abruptly. The audio quality was a bit mixed and really for a musical there wasn't a whole lot of singing. When we did get to a song (Liar, Liar) it was actually a pretty engaging one - a dark, sultry little number that wouldn't have been out of place in the opening titles of a Bond film

As always, musical is tough, especially if you haven't done the 48 before and have limited musical resources!


Some things I enjoyed:

Really cool music as Morgan walks out and sits on the curb. Weird and glitchy.
Loved the bit with the pills and the doctor.
Really creepy scene of lip-synching when the girl was singing.

Good effort on a tough genre, and I hope your team returns for another go next year!


Quite a strange little film that was engaging in parts. I really liked the creepy song and edit effects, which was the highlight of the film.


Lacking all of the essential elements and barely including the genre, with several arcane, random and jarring cuts, without any semblance of story thread, this was one of the most entertaining films in its heat, however I got funny looks due to my laughter.


This film had some great potential. The song at the end could have been fantastic - amazing music and voice - if only it started a bit earlier! The story was a bit strange in places and difficult to follow along at some stages, but an overall good effort and I can definitely see some great films coming from your team in the coming years.