'The Night Shift' by Gorehouse

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The Night Shift
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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The opening was good as well as the ending however there were a few "slower parts" in the middle. The camera shots were great however(I liked the use of the paranormal activity type cam). I think some parts could of been more resolved, but hey you only had 48 hours. MORE BLOOD. Costume was good as well as the props.



At Dr Foster's Asylum, a group of nurses begin the night shift. They are given strict warnings about their interactions with the patients - warnings they'll need to heed if they are to make it through the night!

The opening shot was great and when more was done like this, things looked good. However, many of the other shot set-ups were inconsistent or slowed the film down. There was also a lot of camera noise and mixed audio levels; especially when dialogued was ADR'd. That said, there were also some real highlights - the security camera footage was well thought through, the blood was realistic looking, the toilet kill superb and I loved the toast on the walls! (maybe it's always there?)

One thing to think about for next year is your casting. In "Night Shift" you had teens playing adult roles - why do this? You have so many cool stories you could tell using a young cast. Do it!


A real mixed bag with this short. There were a few editing issues and the film did drag a little bit, but some of the film did a good job of the genre. If you had halved the time of the film in the edit it would have been a lot stronger. Sometimes less is more.


Film had many problems, the final shot completely killed the whole suspense/shock effect that horror is all about by informing the viewer that the girl was about to die very clearly.

However. You had an entire square meter of wall covered in pieces of toast. Have 10 stars.


GREAT FILM! The best opening of the heat! the story kept me watching and was well done! ten stars for the toast


Great horror movie. Reactions need a little bit more work, AKA when I see my friend murdered, I wouldn't normally say 'We should go to the office', would you?
However, The toast wall. Yes.


Tricky genre guys! Good job with ball - very creepy. The real question is, how long did it take you to set up the toast wall?


The opening of this film was a great set up, The acting was great, and loved the shot in the bathroom. A few weird questions popped up, as why he did decide to suddenly use the bathroom. A few of the voices didn't quite match up, but a great film in 48 hours. Especially spooky in a few parts.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Creepy shots with the dude freaking out and leaking black stuff.
I don't know what the deal was with the toast wall, but it ruled.
Nice effect with the security cam. Good, creepy music.
Super creepy bit with the bloody, gloved hand moving over the tools and stuff.
Damn, the dude bloodied in the toilet was super gnarly.
Terrifying ending. Good go with the whole horror thing. You got it.