'Blank Night' by "Eight"

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Blank Night
The Film within a Film
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Four lads muck around at school, go to a house and watch TV, go to school and shoot some hoops. Grim ending.

Little confused with where this was going and what was actually going on. Not sure if you actually had a script! The audio was hard to hear in places and your darker scenes were very grainy - you can light night scenes; you just have to be creative! The film needed some music and it all seemed very long and drawn out - especially as nothing was really happening!

That said, it did manage to have a grim tone at times which made for a good ending.


Sorry guys this was a little bit hard to watch. The scenes went on way too long and didn't have a lot of point to them. It came across as the lads with a camera and having fun with it, which it looks like you did. At least something did happen at the end.


Had the potential to be jarring and intense at times, but the rather strange pacing and lack of any explanation about the genre really let it down.


The audio in this short was rather low, I felt myself leaning forward in my chair to hear what was happening. This film had the potential to be good, but I think audio was one of your drawbacks. Loved the line of 'Why is it suddenly dark?' Not sure if that was an afterthought because you had to reshoot or what, but it was enjoyable.


Good choice of music for the "flashback" sort of scenes
but I was unfortunately quite confused about all of it,
Cool effect when the dude is shoved and it goes dark, though.