'Mobius Phone' by Cameraheads

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Mobius Phone
The Time Travel Movie
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I actually really liked the ending of this film, would of almost fit better under the twist ending genre, great effects on the time travel scene and some funny moments with the bad guys, good job



A young woman receives a text warning her that armed thugs are about to enter her property. She has a choice: trust that the texts will help her or submit to the intruders.

This short has some good camera work and it looked really nice on the big Readings screen. There was some nice subtle humour, the acting was good and the story execution was kept nice and simple. The debate often is with this genre how much time-travel is enough? In many ways, the time-travel aspect in this is somewhat of an add-on, rather than a key feature of the plot.

Popular with the audience though, picking up second place in the vote. So, great job!


Visually one of the better looking films of the heat. The narrative was ok and tied up nicely at the end. My favourite bit was they editing in the time travel sequence, that was done really well.


The ending of this was amazing, loved how it tied back into the beginning, although I am a bit disappointed you did not receive shock ending as your genre! Loved the attempt at weight lifting during the film. Overall, an amazing effort.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Cool close-up of the knob. I laughed at putting V and an onion in the backpack.
Nice effect with the text on screen, and nice parkour-ing.
Super cool effect and SFX when the phone is grabbed after dashing out of the house,
and nice tie-in back with the beginning. Very nice.