'Tongue Tied' by B Team

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Tongue Tied
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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This was a great film that rang true to the given genre fantasy. It was humorous in the right parts(the bed scene was hilarious) the acting was superb and the story line was simple but smart. It was a bit slow in some parts however but the good parts made up for this. One of the best films of the heat



Once upon a time, a knight is caught by his wife, in bed with another woman. She's not happy about it and curses him with the Liars' Curse (he can only speak lies). The knight embarks on a journey to get help to remove the curse.

A story-telling voice over gets us into the story and is what you might expect from the genre. There's good humour, solid acting, it generally looks good, the montage is effective and the film ends strongly. As with many school films, the casting is sometimes a bit of a stretch - eg: teenagers playing adult roles. The audio is a bit mixed in places and some of the shots go on way to long, resulting in a few boring to the eye, scenes.

A pretty good film that used the genre well and proved popular with the audience. Well done! (3rd in Heat)


I thought you did a reasonable job of the genre and it was amusing in parts. I agree with the previous reviewer it did drag a little at times, some scenes were way too long. The costuming was good and it looks like you had fun making it.


I voted this second. Really fantastic use of humour, very good actors who could pull of the dry, snarky lines without seeming like children - that's a big plus. Loved the daft warrior friends, I think they needed to show up more. Very good effort with the set and costume to make it feel medieval fantasy without a big budget (probably).
Pacing was a bit bated and slow at times though. Otherwise, bloody brilliant, and I genuinely enjoyed it and laughed heaps.


Very nice way to use the lair morgan foster and did well with the genre


Great film. One of the only film that stayed fully to its genre, And was funny as well as adventurous. Acting was great with a funny twist at the end.


Really enjoyed the acting in this one. Great take on the fantasy genre, I'm interested to see what you guys make in the future.


Great take at the fantasy genre! The use of costumes were fantastic, clearly the best of the evening in that category. The storyline had great depth, but not losing the audience in it all. The acting was amazing, definitely some amazing films coming out of you all in the future.


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great voice-over work, nice voice acting.
Interesting take on the "liar" aspect with the curse.
Great costumes/swords/etc.
Loved the subtitles/explanation scene and the reactions from the two boys.
Great fighting/choreography.