'#VideoStore' by Alpha Hungry Hippos

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The Race against the Clock Movie
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This was a well thought out story that didn't try to do anything to much, but what they did do they did well. The use of the line"not with that your not" was one of the best of the night, as well as some of the camera shots and angle's. The ending was funny and appropriate for the weekend.One of the best of the night.



A young man is woken by a call from his boss at the Video Store. He's overslept and it's going to be a race to get to work on time! As is the case when you need to get somewhere fast, their are a lot of unexpected obstacles in your way.

A really good job was done with this film. It was a simple set up that was nicely executed. It looked good, was well edited and contained a good variety of shots, such as the use of a GoPro. Transitions between scenes were effective and the acting from the lead was great! The integration of the required character was cleverly done as well. I thought the music got a bit tedious and a soundscape was missing at the start of the film. I'm also unsure about the use of subtitles in some parts - I'm sure there must have been a reason!

Nice work overall and I look forward to seeing your future efforts. I thought it was one of the better films of the heat so you got my vote!


One of the stronger films in the heat. Great use of the go pro on the skateboard. You had a good narrative and followed it through to the end.


Fantastic incorporation of the daylight savings element, a bit thin on the plot though. Also some of the physical acting was very disillusioning. Nonetheless, quite funny and enjoyable.


Loved the simple idea behind this and the use of the GoPro on the skateboard, definitely one of my favourite shots of the evening. The humour behind this was magic, especially the sneaky little things offered as payment for a ride. Great movie!


Some of what I enjoyed:

Great close-ups. Great shot with the GoPro under the skateboard.
Music gives a nice sense of urgency.
Funny and slightly groan-worthy gag with daylight savings.
Good editing, nicely-paced cuts/shots.
I liked the visual effect when the key went in with the sound effect.

Overall a great effort! I enjoyed this.