'FRAMERACE' by I Love Loops

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The Race against the Clock Movie
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Very well-executed film with an impressive array of different animation styles thrown in. The story was a bit light, but the way it was all put together and the amount of work that must've gone in over only 48 hours really blew me away. Some great comedy in there too, which got the audience on board quickly. I would love to see individual films done in any one of the different animation styles you showed.


Insane animation coming at you hard and fast, a visual mix of styles all tied together using the same hipster character as a common element. Whilst some individual segments may have struggled with their 'story' I don't think it impacted too negatively on the overall story. Nice payoff at the end with the room of Animators all waking up, nice touch with the floating credits above each name. I really enjoyed 'Film Title' looking forward to it's appearance in the screening room. I LOVE LOOPS are definitely a team to watch out for in the future, and if that means more stunning animation, then yay for us all!


This film was such a joy to watch - an exciting jem which stood out amongst the rest. The animation was so entertaining and impressive and there were many laugh out loud funny moments. I look forward to seeing more from this team in the future.


i love the mixture of animation styles, its weird and compelling at the same time. I felt like going from one dream sequence to the next.