'Polyphony' by Hybrid Motion Pictures

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The Musical or Dance Movie
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Musical is a difficult genre for even the most seasoned teams, but Hybrid proved they were more than up to the task with this delightful rom-com. Not sure if all of the actors are natural singers, but they all sounded great together and played off each nicely. The songs themselves were catchy and told the story well, and the comedy throughout was spot on. Deserved winner of audience favourite.


Starting off with a very clever title this film looks like it would have been enjoyable to make, but the genre didn't leave much room for this team to shine. The bathtub scenes, then in-bed scenes, all the singing etc was great, very clever lyrics, good harmonieees. But nothing too exciting. I've come to expect this team to push the boundaries, with well dressed and superbly lit sets, dynamic camera moves etc... these may even have been in this film, but they didn't have anything to highlight. I'll blame the genre on this one, and look forward to them getting something they can sink their teeth into next year. Nothing wrong with this film, just nothing special either.


I liked this film.

Used the musical genre well as their story telling technique. The "natural" singing performances added to the charm of it.


I really liked this film, it was easily one of my favorites in the heat, it was charming and easy to watch. There was some lovely singing and had me wanting to sing along - well done! With Tom and Harry on he scene I picked early that Dick couldn't be too far away but it didn't end exactly as I thought it would which was nice.


Really great film, had me chuckling and wanting to sing along and wanting to see more. Really clever and did well with a difficult genre. Well done!


Great embracing of the genre. Good script, catchy songs, and strong performances. And as you would expect from these guys it looked and sounded spot on. Will go very close to making the Grand Final. I for one hope to see it there.


This was a charming musical from a very experienced team.

I thought the story was great and I loved the use of the songs. The ending was classic and not what i was actually expecting.


A rugged neighbour looks set to break the rhythm of a really happy threesome who have been living harmoniously in a polygamous relationship.

Hybrid have had a pretty good record in the Auckland leg of this competition, obviously culminating in their PJ Wildcard selection in 2013. Their shorts are always professional, well thought through and they're not afraid to push boundaries. And this is why I'm a little disappointed with "Polyphony" - and I've watched it three times just to be sure! The songs have some good lyrics, they're sustained throughout and while they are used to drive the story forward, I felt there was a real sameness to them and as result, an already meandering pace of the film seems to drag even more. The singing is OK, but apart from one scene when a note is really, really belted it, there again seems to be a lack of energy and entertainment factor that is required to really nail the genre. The cast (rich resources there) certainly do their best and seem to have fun with the story, even if swinger/polygamy/multiple partner yarns are common place in the competition.

Maybe it's just the screening room and in the theatre this really played well but for me "Polyphony" just seems to fall a little flat and just didn't carry me along for the ride, which I personally demand from a musical. Auckland finalist though, so that's all that really matters!