'Siren's Call' by Half Shell Productions

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Siren's Call
The Time Travel Movie
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The second half of an innovative double feature with Guerrilla Gorilla. Always great to see teams trying something new for 48 hours, so congratulations for agreeing to give it a go and also pulling it off!

The opening was so similar to the first film that it left us feeling like a mistake had been made. At the time, different details in the edit slowly gave away that this was a new film within the same plot. Though I've heard it was actually shot with a completely different crew, this wasn't immediately obvious. If intentional, it's a great way to mess with the minds of the unsuspecting viewers. If the openings were meant to immediately get viewers on board with the concept, then it needed more work to achieve that. Let's hope they were going for mind-bending similarity.

The technical aspects of getting this done must've been a nightmare, and while I said the first film felt a bit rushed, by now the audience know what's going on and is willing to forgive the lack of polish and enjoy the unique experience. The benefit of screening 2nd, combined with some cold blooded scenes from both the protagonist and the villain made a nice rounded product.

Kudos for trying something new, it certainly made for an enjoyable start to the evening.