'Harpy's Call' by Guerilla Gorilla

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Harpy's Call
The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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The first half of an innovative double feature with Half Shell. Always great to see teams trying something new for 48 hours, and I believe Guerilla Gorilla were the instigators of this mad plot, so congratulations for pulling it off!

Story wise, it was a bit tricky to follow. Time travel in a fantasy movie seemed out of place (until you realise the 2nd team drew time travel!) and could've been worked in a bit more smoothly. The technical aspects of getting this done must've been a nightmare, which is probably why as a standalone film everything felt a bit rushed.

Some enjoyable moments between the villain and the hero. He seemed a lot less cold-blooded than Half Shell's version.

I hope this team thinks of an even crazier way to bend our minds next year. Never stop pushing the boundaries.


[Viewed from the Screening Room]

Two female assassins travel back in time to carry out a hit.

This short had some nice moments, in particular the banter between the two leads and the scene right at the end of the film. As identified by another reviewer, it all seems a bit rushed and its climax is unsatisfying. The performances were believable and nice to see the genre being used in a different way. However, I thought the audio sync looked out in a couple of places and the location used for the meeting at the start of the film looked a little "staged" - I was expecting something darker.

I look forward to seeing the other film in this double feature. Great idea!