'Rhythm' by Grrr Arrrrg Productions

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The Shock Ending Movie
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It felt like this team had their mind set on making a musical film. They managed to construct a clever looped soundtrack with environmental sound, but the story was a little thin, and ultimately the surprise ending wasn't much of a surprise, and it also wasn't really the ending.


You can tell this team wanted to get Musical, and decided to make one whatever they got. Should have ended as soon as the "shock" happened (the effect for which was well enough done, but would have been sold a bit better with appropriate sound effects), and it could have happened a bit quicker. If I recall correctly they blew the required line. :(


Hi Guys, yeah sorry I felt you may have been set on a musical too regardless of what you drew. Otherwise it ran well and was catchy. I didn't quite get how the main character became more cool over time. Still a fairly good film.

To Wendy, Well said


We thought it might be interesting to share some of the thought process to our film as there are a few reviews concluding that we were out to make a musical whatever genre we got........Really Not! As none of us have been certified insane (recently)! Our actual problem was.......how do you make a shock ending movie when the title frame tells everyone that it is ......... a shock ending movie? We concluded that the best thing we could do is to try and make the audience forget that it was a shock ending movie by convincing them that it was a different genre as they viewed it ....... and musical seemed the most distinctive.
Also our line was "Not with that..........you're not going to make it in time" nothing said we couldn't re punctuate the line and add extra dialogue at the end of it. Thanks for reading.......grrrr arrrrrg can never remember how many r's to use!