'Wimballdon: The Life of a Champion' by Green Square

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Wimballdon: The Life of a Champion
The Against the Odds Movie
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Really excellent short. Very cleanly made. Very funny, and great story. This won the audience favourite in heat 6 and deserved it.


A great film that took to the Against the Odds genre with a documentary style in a very compelling way. There is a little twist early on in the film and then it carries on hilariously to deliver a great against the odds chronicle of one participant's journey to the top.

Unfortunately some pre-shot stock footage likely renders the film ineligible for competition, which is a shame as it was solid technically with a very funny and well executed story.


The story was great. It's a concept I've thought can be used with all sorts of inanimate objects and translates easily and well when personifying those objects. Very good flow. I too was wondering about the used footage though. Well done.


Really clever movie. Well done! We particularly liked the way you introduced it as a film about the feelings related to playing tennis, the serve etc. Going from there to the fact it was the ball talking was genius,


Very funny. I think this got the most laughs. Well done.


This film is in a league of its own. Extremely well scripted, and I couldn't fault it! The scene after the final credits was the icing on the cake!


Obligatory self - review :)


it got the most laughs but felt the controversy surrounding some of the footage been shot early have left some questions, apart from that I enjoyed it


sorry guys the use of stock footage is now rampent out there, it is just a shame it was used because seriously noone else had to use pre shot footage, it is called cheating which no doubt you regret especially when you didn't need to, such a shame