'I am ball.' by Frauleins, oh frauleins

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I am ball.
The Musical or Dance Movie
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With a very small team (of just two this year) Frauliens have delivered some... uh... memorable films previously. This year is no different with a very unique and hyper-succinct musical animation. It was fun, simple and, happily, entirely inoffensive :)


I think this was easily the most original film I've seen in the competition thus far. It boldly went in a direction I don't think anyone expected which may have confused the audience a bit in some way. Quirky, well made and funny. Good effort.


This was a great effort, and highly original. The part where Hitler cops it was very funny!


I wonder if we combined the most ever elements all into one? Prop, character, trait, line, song, technical shot, narration, exposition, all rolled up in and focused on a single performance. I'm completely delighted with this year's short, and gratified by the response.

* Note: yes this is my team.


I weirdly find myself awake at night with a weird impulsion to re-watch your film. Having also animated our film this year in AE, I did in fact appreciate all the puppet tool work! The film felt complete and cohesive, despite the vast array of imagery, so congrats on making it work!