'Rowing with my Mum' by Edgie

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Rowing with my Mum
The Shock Ending Movie
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Really good effort. I liked how lots of cast members were used. You even had younger versions of the main characters!

Next year avoid overdubbing the dialogue as it is really obvious that it doesn't match up.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves though!


Another young team in the heat tonight.

A young girl, in an effort to impress her overbearing mother, is pushed into rowing and works hard to succeed and win a race. There was a nice showing of the progression of time using actors of different ages at points in the film.

I presume they had trouble with wind in their set mic because it appeared most of the film was overdubbed in post (not badly but the sync was a little out).


There seemed to be some great potential here. Might have been a touch ambitious. The dubbing unfortunately took a bit away but so did the unnecessarily complex story. Try working with just one or two of those themes and fleshing them out. Loved the rowing shots.


Some great shots when out in the water, however this whole story was just too unbelievable. Is any mother really that heartless? I think this film could have been stronger with a bit of tightening in the editing, a bit more complexity to the characters and better sound. However it did have a good "tragic" element and had that kind of ancient heart breaking narrative to it.


Good job. You have to work on sound recording skills on set, and most importantly story structure. over all good work and wish you all the best in your future movies.